Friday, 23 November 2012

As this Blog is still up and running and I keep getting reminded about it, rather than take it down, I thought it would be best just to pay it a quick visit and remind any of my friends that I am still Blogging on Wordpress.  Here at:  also my site is at

As its coming up to Christmas, I'll take this opportunity to say Happy times to all.


Sunday, 31 July 2011

Other Places to find Mark!

Hi all

I am currently sitting in my caravan overlooking the beautiful Welsh countryside in Rhayader at Gigrin Farm red kite feeding centre. However, I just wanted you to know that I have another blog
Please check it out and all your comments good bad of indifferent are most welcome.

Friday, 28 January 2011


Almost completed my return, don't you just hate it?

It's not that I don't wish to play my part in financing the Country (not including the Banks of course) it's just that I always think I am not doing so bad, then I complete the accounts and I have to send the bloody cheque to the Tax Man.

I'm not saying it's been a bad year, but I got pre-selected for a credit card rejection this morning!!

Friday, 14 January 2011

Another Blog

Ok so NewYear another  new idea. As I seem to be mainly using this blog for personal stuff, old pics and memories etc, I thought I would do just that and start a new blog for business, hence the blog address in the title.

So, we will see what happens! My main problem is that I can spends hours just reading through all the links and forums and Facebook etc that I am subscribed to, and never get an serious work done. BUT! Once again...New rules. Let's see how long it lasts.

Also, it would be nice if someone actually registered with any of my blogs.  I mean, all you experienced Bloggers out there, how do you get people to read your blog, surely it can't just be about writing something every day can it!

And where does the 'Keywording' fit in on a blog? Is it in the text or the tags where?

However, not to be accused of being a 'Gibber' (a quitter, or a moaner) in the words of my late maternal grandmother I shall soldier on.

If anyone reads this, please say hello, just so I know that I am actually making contact!!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Rory Gallagher & Ivor Arbiter

Rory Gallagher & Ivor Arbiter
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Friday, 14 May 2010

Is it that time already?

Ok I know already!  To be a successful Blogger you are supposed to be blogging regularly, but I promise I have been stupidly busy.  I must confess not all to do with work, but with 'Stuff'.  You know stuff that just has to be done.  Well the good news is that I am almost there, and I hope to become more proactive in the future (it says here!).

Some of the 'stuff' I have been involved with has included some good news and, unfortunately, some bad.
Firstly, we lost two members of our family, my aunty Dot who was a wonderful lady and even though in her 80's, was still a very active and 'switched on' lady. And secondly, my Uncle Don - Dot's brother - both came out of the blue, but I guess it always does!  They will be both missed considerably and it is another reminder of one's own immortality.

Some of the good news? Well my old friend Laurence Waxman finally tied the Civil knot with his partner Viktors in Cardiff last week.  Unfortunately I couldn't make it because I was needed at home. But from the pix on Facebook it looks like everyone had a great time. I wish them both all the good luck in the world.  

I delivered a couple of Marketing Training courses for business enterprise agency Venture Wales.  I had a number of good sessions in Cardiff, Brynmawr, Newport and Tredomen. I was fortunate to meet some exciting and passionate  entrepreneurs with some great ideas for their business futures.

I haven't taken many pix recently, which is unusual for me, but it's all about priorities and photography wasn't one of them. I had a couple of very interesting conversations with a couple of guys who work for Newsquest Media. Two men passionate about their subjects and great at what they do. Newsquest Media publish a number of titles including The South Wales Argus and a local news magazine named Voice.  Not too sure of what will be the outcome of our conversations but watch this space I guess.

Lastly, honourable number two son Jozif continues to forge his career in the music biz (I promise I did everything possible to talk him out of it, the blood, and all that), he's getting some pretty good reviews (check out Resident Advisor) and is so busy these days that we are getting fewer chances to catch up.  Meanwhile sons number two and three are steaming ahead in their chosen careers, Oliver at publisher Harper-Collins managing the Design Studio, and Ben producing and playing all the instruments God made at his fledgling studio Design2Play.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Mark, Jerry Lee Lewis and Rikki Alan

Mark, Jerry Lee Lewis and Rikki Alan
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There are three mono pics here that have just come my way via Rikki Alan (him on the right of the pic).
This was taken in 1963 when we were playing the Star Club Hamburg.  We had some good times and had the pleasure of working with and listening to some of rock's greatest players.  I cant' get over the suits and how smart everyone was for a rock band!